Author: W J Russell, JD, MBA

Abstract: The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to ethical foundations, ethical behavior, and relationship ethics in a variety of contexts such as euthanasia, hunger and poverty and treatment of animals.

Audience: College students and high school students

Chapter 1 defines ethics and begins with an introduction to ethics covering ownership, truth, loyalty, personal respect, and others. A clear distinction is made between ethics and the law.

Chapter 2 begins with a discussion of the general principles of ethical behavior. Truth telling and truth telling obligations are discussed as well as conflicts of interest.

Chapter 3 explores ethics and relationships among people. Workplace respect is covered as well as discrimination, diversity, and affirmative action.

Chapter 4 covers ethics in the marketplace as well as government and business. Subjects such as a revolving door and lobbying are discussed.

Chapter 5 covers ethics in money matters. Accuracy in accounting, reporting requirements and corporate governance are discussed.

Chapter 6 covers a variety of ethical constructs such as euthanasia versus assisted suicide, ethical imperatives of hunger and poverty and the ethical treatment of animals.