1. What is a course?
    Each web-based course consists of a text and interactive software.
  2. How does it work?
    The student reads a chapter of the text, then turns to the software for testing, interactive exercises, problems and video lectures.
  3. How is the course administered?
    The course can be administered by an administrative assistant.
  4. How long does it take to complete a course? The courses are self-paced, thus the time to complete them varies by individual.
  5. Can the course be customized?
    If a school wishes to include additional material, Ivy can accommodate this request.
  6. Have accrediting organizations approved these courses?
    A number of AACSB schools use Ivy courses as surrogates for prereq courses. In addition, Ivy’s courses have been approved by the ACBSP and the IACBE as meeting all the requirements for a Common Professional Component (CPC).
  7. Can I review a course or courses?
    Upon request, Ivy will be glad to send you any course or courses you wish to review.
  8. What are the mechanics of the process needed to use a course?
    The student receives from Ivy an email with a link with user credentials to access the course site.
  9. How do the final exams work?
    Once the student has completed the course he/she takes a comprehensive final exam. Most schools consider the final exam as a post test.
  10. How much time is involved with the final exam? 
    The final exam consists of 40 questions randomly generated from a larger database. The questions are all multiple choice. Each question involving a calculation has several hundred iterations. The final exam is timed and Ivy recommends 90 minutes for test duration. Most schools are set up to take the final exam up to 3 times with a passing score of 80%.
  11. How are the final exams administered? 
    Each student goes online to take the final exam. The student’s scores are recorded on Ivy’s server. The school is given an administrative account to access the final exam results.
  12. What are chapter self assessment quizzes? 
    After the student completes a chapter, he/she takes a chapter self-assessment quiz. The chapter quiz consists of 10 questions randomly generated. Questions involving calculations have several hundred iterations. After completing the chapter quiz, the student returns to the questions received along with their responses and correct answers.
  13. How do I get the course descriptions? 
    The course descriptions are available on Ivy Software’s website, ivysoftware.com
  14. Is student data protected? 
    Security measures are taken to protect all student data.
  15. What is the impact of “gainful employment” on Ivy’s courses? 
    Ivy courses reduce the price of prereq courses for the non-business major seeking an MBA. The result is a decrease in the overall cost of the MBA degree.
  16. Does Ivy Software provide technical support?
    Ivy Software provides technical support during normal operating hours and via email at other times.