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We provide educational software content for both undergraduate and graduate business programs.

Reasonable Cost

We provide reasonably priced courses, tests and simulations for both graduate and undergraduate students.


Our products teach students concepts not memorization of terms. We provide a self-paced environment for learning in the classroom or anywhere around the world.

Assessment of Learning

Through pre and post testing, our competency based courses assure compliance with assessment of learning standards.


We're proud to deliver high-quality educational content to programs around the country. Read more in the Testimonials section.

Vice Dean and Professor

The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania

I adopted the Ivy Software product "Financial Accounting: A Management Perspective" to give my MBA for Executives students the foundation they need for the course. The software simultaneously introduces students to the concepts in an accessible manner and provides them with the detail necessary to take the material to the next level. I regularly assess other products on the market and find that the Ivy Software provides the right balance of rigor and user-friendliness.


Executive MBA Program & Executive Education, Boise State University

We have been using Ivy Software tutorials to prepare incoming Executive MBA participants since our program began in 2006. I personally have a long history with Ivy since I used their products for an EMBA Program I ran at another University prior to joining Boise State. We are thoroughly pleased with Ivy tutorials and thrilled with the service we receive. I can't say enough good things about products and services Ivy Software provides. If you haven't already signed on with Ivy, I highly recommend you do.