Author: Robert Holt, PhD

Abstract: this course introduces the student to various business constructs such as economics, accounting and finance, marketing, management, and law (both US and international).

Chapter 1 covers the basic foundations of business with a discussion of economics. This is followed by an introduction to international business and entrepreneurship.

Chapter 2 covers the heart of any business – management. Then the focus shifts to operations management and information systems.

Chapter 3 discusses financial management. It begins with an introduction to accounting followed by a thorough discussion of finance with an emphasis on value creation for the firm.

Chapter 4 covers marketing management. It begins by defining marketing and traces the evolution of various marketing management philosophies. This is followed by an in-depth exploration of the marketing process.

Chapter 5 introduces business ethics in the legal system. It begins with an introduction to ethics covering ethics of ownership, truth, loyalty, personal respect, and other topics. This is followed by an introduction to US law and international law.