Brad Allen, Ph.D.
Roxana Wright, DBA

Introduction to International Business
History, Politics, and Money
International Finance
Global Business Institutions
The Power of Emerging Markets

Audience: Anyone needing an introduction to international business concepts.

Abstract: With the global economy, we are consumers of products from around the world. It is critical to understand how businesses sell products in this ever expanding global market. This product introduces the history of the global economy and how markets and strategy have changed to give the student a broad overview to utilize in business.

Chapter 1 reviews the concepts of globalization and internationalization and introduces institutions such as the World Bank.

Chapter 2 introduces the theories and types of economic structure with historical examples. In addition, the models of multilateral trade and the importance of international law are reviewed.

Chapter 3 outlines the basics of international finance touching on such topics as foreign currency exchange and the European Union’s role in the global market. NAFTA is also discussed.

Chapter 4 introduces global institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, and the United Nations and their roles in the global economy.

Chapter 5 gives an overview of the role of culture in the global economy. Businesses must factor the culture and traditions of a country to sell goods and services. The important role of the media and the internet is also discussed.

Chapter 6 gives an introduction to emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia and China. Each market is discussed with an emphasis on the country’s economic and political history that influences their importance in the future of the global economy.