Computerized Practice Set

Exmore Marina is a manual practice set that has been developed for the PC. In other words, the student makes an entry in the general journal or special journal, skips the folio column, posts the entry in a subsidiary ledger or general ledger, then goes back to the original entry and indicates a posting with an asterisk or an account number. Although a bit tedious, it is the only way to reinforce the relationship between the journal and the ledger. This approach mimics the manual system but because it is on the computer, it allows us to do so much more with the practice set such as multiple transaction sets and grading. In addition, Exmore is very user friendly just like the original DOS version.

Exmore Marina includes the following features:

  • Student data stored on secure, backed up online server (no lost homework!)
  • Online distribution of software and manuals
  • Online Grading
  • Custom grading template available online 24/7
  • Flowcharting segment with graded test
  • Ability to print or view reports at any time
  • Journals and ledgers appear as in textbooks
  • Segmented to allow completion of different tasks (bank reconciliation, payroll, etc.)
  • Generic, can be used with any textbook
  • Incorporates worksheet, balance sheet, income statement
  • Simple, graphical spreadsheet-like interface
  • No prior computer experience required
  • Business documentation segment

Available for the Windows platform. Requires an internet connection.