I adopted the Ivy Software product “Financial Accounting: A Management Perspective” to give my MBA for Executives students the foundation they need for the course. The software simultaneously introduces students to the concepts in an accessible manner and provides them with the detail necessary to take the material to the next level. I regularly assess other products on the market and find that the Ivy Software provides the right balance of rigor and user-friendliness.
Vice Dean and Professor, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania
The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia has been using the Ivy Software product, “Financial Accounting: A Management Perspective” (FAAMP) for over 20 years. Our original adoption of this software was based on the fact that the contents did NOT represent financial accounting lite. The product was substantive, yet vey understandable and user friendly. The same is still true today. Although it has been continually updated to incorporate the latest multi-media technology, the quality of the educational content has remained superb. We have periodically reviewed other products on the market and have always concluded that they are all inferior to FAAMP for our purposes in both our MBA program and our executive education programs. The FAAMP product provides students with an excellent understanding of the essentials of financial accounting and why such an understanding is useful to managers and executives.
Professor, The Darden School of Business, The University of Virginia
We have been using Ivy Software tutorials to prepare incoming Executive MBA participants since our program began in 2006. I personally have a long history with Ivy since I used their products for an EMBA Program I ran at another University prior to joining Boise State. We are thoroughly pleased with Ivy tutorials and thrilled with the service we receive. I can’t say enough good things about products and services Ivy Software provides. If you haven’t already signed on with Ivy, I highly recommend you do.
Director, Executive MBA Program & Executive Education, Boise State University
We have been using Ivy Software products for the past ten years for a variety of our programs; we have used it as a refresher course for our full-time and part-time programs, as introductory courses for our Executive MBA program, and as a training tool for an Executive Leadership Development Program with a local company. Ivy’s administrative and technical support is second to none, the staff is competent, responsive and friendly. From an administrative point of view, the products are easy to set up and the results easy to administer. Students are very satisfied with the ease to access and use the software any issues that they encounter are addressed and fixed promptly. The educational material of each module covers all components needed to help the students succeed in the programs. Without hesitation I recommend the use of Ivy Software for your programs.
Coordinator of Graduate Business Programs, The University of Tampa